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Angeliki Kapoglou is a systems designer and strategist with an obsession with working across disciplines and large scale systems. She has worked at NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA) and CERN and she is experienced in leading early phase research and opportunity definition projects. Moreover, after spending last year at one of the world’s leading centers for innovation, the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (the at Stanford University, Angeliki became interested in applying Human - Centered Design methodologies to early space mission concept formulation — designing space systems is a creative process after all. She is fascinated by change, creative cultures, and creative leadership. Given her background in international research centers, she has been exposed to the complex interplay between science and politics and one of her favorite things is bringing together non-traditional partners to do multi-stakeholder initiatives — especially those involving governmental entities and policy makers.


 She is currently leading the Stakeholder Engagement Working Group for ESA’s Moon Village initiative, designing and facilitating workshops and experiences using design thinking and foresight tools to bring together diversely skilled leaders from inside and outside of the space sector, to define strategies that can advance lunar development in the near and mid-term. Apart from her space activities, Angeliki has focused a lot on the intersection of geopolitics with the digital world and its effect on social challenges and future societies. She is part of the organizing team for the 19 Million Project and the Stanford Immigration Storytelling Project — a global initiative to deepen our understanding of the refugee crisis and develop innovative storytelling to keep the world’s attention focused on the issue. Angeliki is a women’s rights activist, a Chica Poderosas IWMF Fellow and advocate for women in science and technology. She is an expert evaluator for the European Commission, a former National Point of Contact for Space Generation Advisory Council, and an active member of INCOSE, and the Foresight Network. Finally, she is a proud catalyst for DSX school, a new member of the NSVF Invent 2017 cohort!

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I'm exploring the application of the Human-Centred Design (HCD) as a strategic planning tool for international lunar exploration, as means of engaging with and involving a diverse collection of stakeholders. HCD is a creative approach to problem solving and product development which is based around establishing a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of the of a product’s users. This reported activity is ongoing and has involved performing need-finding interviews with a wide range of stakeholders, workshops and shared experiences to bring together leaders from inside and outside of the space sector, prototype partnerships and define strategies that can advance lunar development in the near and mid-term. The result of this effort has been the establishment of a fledgling multinational and multidisciplinary community passionate about lunar exploration that is taking active steps to make lunar exploration a reality. This community includes active participation by Agencies; Governments; International organizations; the commercial and private space sector; Venture Capitalists; and Non-space stakeholders (artists, designers, academia). My vision is to enable a global lunar exploration programme which is driven by the needs, enthusiasm and investment of stakeholders around the world.





Explorer. Night owl. I don't believe in timezones. I’m dabbled in hundreds of worlds and it is chaos at times. I'm constantly inspired by synchronicity and the fragile ethereality of little happenings. I dream of a world where each of us will be measured by how much we have contributed to the future of our species. I feel compelled to keep living at a high speed and creating more stories. I have studied and worked in seven different countries (and on Mars ) and If I could I would never stop traveling. I want to experience the world, the sceneries, the cultures, the art, the food, the people and their stories. I take photos of everything beautiful I see.  I walk too much. Music influences me greatly. Karaoke song is “Poison”. I love tacos, good wine, road trips and rock concerts. I’m usually wearing dresses and eyeliner. I look for the lessons and I find gratitude in every situation. If you’re rude to people or abusive to animals I don’t wanna know you. I love discovering new music to become obsessed with but I listen mostly to rock and and blues from  60's and 70’s. But I also love soul/funk/punk/garage 90s and pop/disco 80s. Music is everything. Other things I enjoy include mid-century modern architecture, the Aegean sea summer winds (μελτέμια), roadtrips, midnight snacks, questions that prompt self-exploration and personal growth, organizational behaviour and psychology, laughing to tears, the feeling of caring deeply, sunset hikes, gallery walls, wearing head-to-toe black, authentic Italian and Mexican restaurants, Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and Trader Joe's carrot cakes.

             I always take the scenic route.