The road is not a line between places; it is a place between places, a place of its own.

"Since we cling to a mainly instrumental view of the road, we have forgotten how to be travelers and we are tourists instead sitting still before the window and watching the world speed past, when in fact we are the ones who are speeding and it is the world that is still...

We are too enamored of destinations. We hunger too much for arrival. We treat the road as an interval between meanings, an interregnum between dispensations, and so we are blinded to the richness of meanings and the dispensations in the road itself. If departure is the past, and arrival is the future, then the road is the present, and there is nothing more spiritually difficult, or spiritually rewarding, than learning to live significantly in the present."

- Leon Wieseltier (taken from his introductory notes on Leonard Cohen's Songs From The Road)

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