In programming, there is the concept of statelessness.
It means that each request is treated anew, without memory of previous requests. Imagine if you forgot all previous requests. Those interactions died, faded away into the aether. Imagine if there wasn’t the weight of thousands of interactions on your mind right now. Imagine they were gone, what would this blank slate feel like? What would it be like to deal with the next task, talk to the next person, walk to the next place, without anything weighing you down? Without anything pulling on your mind?
Just this task. Just this person. Just this action. Just this moment.
There would be nothing else, just this. It would be your entire universe.
It would fill you up completely.
Then it would be gone.
And the next moment would be all there was. Then that would die too.
This is stateless.

Angeliki KapoglouComment