Real Good by Sarah Jean Alexander (2015)

Sometimes you become sure
you’ve loved someone so importantly
before they ever loved you back
that you feel
you can never trust them

I know it’s not my biggest fault
but I’m seeking ways
to fix the part of me that stares
at a dirty dish that has been in the sink
for more than twenty minutes

Some things just feel

Other things feel


Missing someone feels like
kicking yourself in the ass
for a little while

Missing someone real good feels like
beckoning a dog to come on over for a pet
She eyeballs your hand but doesn’t even
turn her head

After smoking the one-hitter
we walked down the rock and found a bigger one,
becoming increasingly higher as we climbed
I called it a mountain and you said hill

Missing someone feels like
when your shadow goes from taller to shorter
just because you turned a corner

Missing someone real good feels like


We watched the Hudson underneath the sun
chainlink and blue, glittering pain into our eyes

I caught myself momentarily stop believing
in the universe because —

Sometimes it takes so fucking long to fall out of love
and other times
it’s like


Real Good, Sarah Jean Alexander

Angeliki KapoglouComment