Heartland by DYLAN LEWIS

I could maybe die of the right country song, I think
standing in line at a sandwich shop
There is no great secret to love
But I still wonder about looking at you
on the bus after we went to the limestone caverns
without our wallets, thinking nothing so beautiful
could take our money. The pedal steel
wire-walks to my heart's perch, swaying
I believe in things in short bursts
Small pockets where my grief becomes holy
You could run me through with a clean sheet of wind
when spring is a small tumble
Devastating like a perfectly placed mountain
There are never enough songs about the full moon
People show you their best faces
Structured and perfect melodies
Hanging from their lips
But I'm done listening to that album
for at least two or three relationships
or until I press my cheek against a happiness
I've yet to identify in previous iterations
of relative emotional fulfillment
I will attend a wedding in the future
I will not get drunk enough
not to notice the blood on everyone's shirt
I will listen to science when science says
We are not just failing each other
Though it's what we do best
And my life like the moon
will be just small enough
to cover with a thumb